Life at sea makes us even more aware of the need to respect and protect our environment.

In a very tangible way, we have adopted operating rules which reduce the environmental impact of our presence to a minimum and encourage the protection of the sites which we visit.

Moreover, Phileas has signed the charte de l’éco-marin (eco sailor charter):

See the sailor charter

We get a lot from the beautiful natural environment and the friendly inhabitants we meet while sailing. So what could be more natural than trying to do something in return for them ?

Each year, Phileas and her team will contribute directly to a development or preservation project to help the populations who have hosted them.

In 2011, we will put the catamaran at the disposal of the association Voiles Sans Frontières (VSF) for a project to support a Senegalese village located on the banks of the river Sine Saloum.

Founded in 1997, Voiles Sans Frontières operates in isolated areas which are only accessible by sea or river.

With the help of long-distance cruising boats, VSF carries out medical and sanitary programmes, and runs school and educational partnerships and development projects for isolated populations.

More information on we work with:

Other associations we work with:

If you would like to make a contribution to these initiatives supported by Phileas with a donation, in any form, don’t hesitate to contact us.