According to the same principle as a guest house, you will be hosted by a qualified team aboard a magnificent catamaran, with a festive, friendly and convivial atmosphere. Based on the information you provided beforehand, your hosts will have taken care to prepare and refuel the boat for you, and plan the unique programme of sailing and activities which will fulfil your dreams and expectations. Armed with their experience of the boat, of long-distance journeys and the chosen sailing area, your hosts will put great energy and enthusiasm into creating an unforgettable holiday for each member of your family.      
  Although your guest boat holiday will offer uncompromising safety, quality and comfort standards, this type of experience is very different, and certainly more ambitious, than the package offered by a hotel. In fact a holiday aboard Phileas is based, above all, on a shared decision. A decision which the hosts and guests make freely: to interact with each other, and share a unique adventure in the thrilling and demanding context which life at sea offers. Accordingly, because you will ‘live together’ and share an authentic and enriching experience, you are guests and not customers in the restrictive and purely commercial sense of the term. Beyond cordial and convivial relationships, sincere long-term friendships are born when people meet aboard Phileas and ‘Good-bye’ often actually means ‘See you soon’.    
«Dear guests, I sincerely envoy the prospect of meeting you and welcoming you aboard Phileas. You can rely on me to help you safely discover the best of our destination and share my experience and passion for life at sea. Piloting and navigating, fishing, diving and water sports, excursions, encounters, … I’ll guide and assist you through the range of possibilities that every sunrise will offer to you. I hope that following this wonderful trip, you will have made yours my deep conviction that the world is never more beautiful than seen from the deck of a sailing boat.»  Yourskipper –

* To learn more about your skipper, see his Nautical Resume

«Dear guests, As a cheerful and careful hostess, you can trust me to make comfortable and memorable every day of your cruise. I will also enjoy preparing a tasty and varied cuisine, especially based on tropical fruits and vegetables, exotic spices and, hopefully, fish and lobster that we will catch together . I look forward to meeting you and accompanying you in your discovery of Phileas and his world of joy, friendship and adventure!» – Your hostess  –

* To learn more about your hostess, see her  Nautical Resume

Here is the description of the guest boat package we can offer you and the relevant rates:

  • Capacity: 4 to 6 guests.
  • Private, exclusive and personalised cruise.
  • Duration: 7 days/6 nights minimum
  • All-inclusive on board package:

– Exclusive use of the catamaran – The services of a professional crew (captain and hostess) – Supervised access to all the equipment and activities on board. Note that as a professional Dive Master your skipper will be pleased to guide our certified guests throughout the underwater marvels offered at our cruising destinations. – Full board meals, unlimited drinks – Bedding and linen on board – Administrative formalities and local taxes – Permit (fishing) – Insurance for the boat and passengers on board – Mooring berths and mooring buoys – Wi-Fi (depending on the availability of the local network) – 24-hour emergency communication (Iridium network) Fees and expenses incurred outside the boat are not included, namely

– Air and overland transport

– Excursions and activities with local service providers

– Meals taken on land

– Disposal of the scuba gear for our diving friends

The entire service is provided by a Luxembourg maritime company which is registered with and monitored by the Commissariat aux Affaires Maritimes (Commission for Maritime Affairs). The management of administrative and financial matters is conducted by a dedicated team, based in Luxembourg.

Summary of the main advantages of the package offered:

  • A superb latest generation catamaran, perfectly serviced and maintained
  • A relaxed, festive and convivial atmosphere
  • An arrangement particularly suited to a family with children
  • Your crew will choose the very best sites and moorings for your destination
  • A multitude of activities offered within the all-inclusive package (including motorised water sports and diving guidance)
  • A genuine ‘All-inclusive’ package on board means you can fully anticipate and control your budget.
  • The safety of a professional service
Little ‘extras’ for your holiday:
  • The carbon emissions produced by your holiday will be offset.
  • The crew can take photos/videos of your holiday.
  • Occasional child minding (for example so parents can have a romantic evening on land)
  • Surprise souvenir