Between 2011 and 2018 Phileas will be undertaking a circumnavigation during which she will cross 5 continents, over fifty countries and countless islands and moorings…each more beautiful than the next. Discover the list of main stopovers planned on the schedule 2015 -2016

  • Caribbean:  Panama (San Blas)
  • Pacific ocean: Panama (Las perlas) – Ecuador (Galapagos) – French polynesia -Tonga – New Zealand


  • Central America:  Honduras
  • Caribbean:  Cayman islands – Cuba
  • USA: Floride-New York- Boston – Philadelphie – Washington
  • Bahamas -Turks and Caicos


  • Central America:  Belize – Guatemala
  • Caribbean:  Cuba- Cayman islands – Martinique – Grenada- Venezuela – Bonaire – Bahamas


  • Caribbean:  Brazil – Guyana – Martinique – Grenadines Islands – Granada – Bonaire – Curacao – Aruba
  • South and Central America: Colombia – Panama (San Blas) – Belize


  • Mediterranean:  Côte d’Azur – Balearic Islands – Spain – Madeira
  • Africa: Morocco – Senegal – Cape Verde

Extraordinary views, deep turquoise or blue waters, dolphins and frigates, beaches basking in sun, luxurious tropical vegetation, typical little villages and welcoming inhabitants… Phileas’s professional crew will find the most enchanting places for you so that you can experience the best of your chosen marine paradise during your holiday.

the schedule of cruise opportunities in 2015 and 2016: CLICK AND DISCOVER THE DETAILED CALENDAR If you would like to experience one of the routes in this circumnavigation and thus become a member of the Club Phileas, we invite you to fill in the booking form These are private cruises with a minimum duration of 11 days/10 nights. As they are limited in number, we invite you to express your interest as soon as possible in order to ensure that Phileas will be available for you and your friends or family.
From June to December 2012, Phileas will be crossing the crystal clear waters of the most beautiful region of Panama: the 365 coral islands of the archipelago of San Blas (or Kuna Yala). The treasures of the marine nature reserve of Kuna Yala are dotted along more than 400 km of Panama’s Caribbean coastline. Although about ten islands are inhabited, must of the archipelago remains a haven reserved for birds, fish, crustaceans… and the few boats which point their stems towards this perfectly preserved little paradise. The Kunas: a welcoming and fascinating people Other than its breathtaking wildlife and scenery, this archipelago will allow you to discover the remarkable culture of our hosts, the Kunas Indians. These 30,000 Indians have an exceptional situation: they live in an independent community and have managed to carry on their ancient traditions of life by the sea. Most of them still speak ancient Indian and the women still wear dresses made from the famous molas, multi-coloured patchworks which represent the flowers and animals of the islands in geometric shapes. Ideal conditions for sailing The short distances between the islands allow for easy sailing with varied and short trips. This country is lucky enough to enjoy a tropical climate while remaining outside cyclone areas. Consequently the average air and sea temperatures vary between 25 and 30 °C all year round. There are two seasons, a dry and windy season from November to June, and a wetter season with moderate winds from July to December. The San Blas are some of the best preserved and richest reefs on the planet. Here you will see exceptional varieties of corals, countless tropical fish of all different species and just as many colours, but also rays, turtles, trevallies, groupers, barracudas and other carnivores, without forgetting a delightful visit from our friends the dolphins from time to time. Practical information for your trip Panama’s international airport, Tocumen, has direct flights from many cities in North and South America, and Miami is only a two-hour flight away. There are some direct flights from Europe, or via the USA or Venezuela. A 30-minute flight will then take you from Panama City and the Pacific Ocean to Porvenir and the Caribbean Sea, where Phileas and her crew will be waiting for you. Passports (valid for more than six months), a 90-day tourist card (issued by your airline) and return tickets are required. Please note that no vaccinations are required. Around San Blas Beyond your cruise in the enchanting world of the Kunas, continental Panama is also worth your attention and a few days’ visit. Its local folklore, a mix of Indian and Spanish culture, is incredible… Panama is the perfect place for fans of eco-tourism. The country’s biodiversity is by far the richest in Central America. The tropical forest has been protected for over half a century and it is a sanctuary for the Indians who still live a traditional lifestyle here. The fauna and flora here are breathtakingly beautiful. Panama City is a surprising mix of ultra-modern metropolis, old colonial neighbourhoods (world heritage sites) but also the ruins of the old town before it was ransacked by the pirate Morgan. Finally, don’t miss the chance to see, with your own eyes, the huge construction and feat of engineering that is the famous Panama Canal, a bridge between the Atlantic and the Pacific on the one hand, and the two Americas on the other.

Ideally located in between the Caribbean and Central America, Belize is a destination authentic and enriching for all those looking for a unique and intimate journey at the heart of one of the last unspoiled places on earth.

Belize’s main attraction lies offshore, a 175 mile long barrier reef, second only in size to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, and the underwater scenery is reputed to be amongst the best anywhere in the world. Seven sites in this barrier reef have been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.


Between the reef and the coastal strip are hundreds of uninhabited islands and cays, and therein lies Belize’s popularity as a cruising destination with a large number of secluded anchorages offering unsurpassed snorkellling and diving possibilities.

      Indeed, inside the shallow reef, you will have the chance to look for thousands of fish, seahorses, rays, dolphins, manatees… or explore the intricate mangrove ecosystem for resident and migratory.


Beyond the marvels at sea, Belize is also renowned for its preserved rainforests which host an amazing wildlife and biodiversity, its ancient treasures from the Mayan civilization as well as its welcoming english-speaking residents – often referred to as the country’s greatest natural resource.

  Sailing and diving the reef, horse-riding the lush jungle, exploring mysterious cave or hiking along majestic rivers or ziplining in the dense canopy overhead, the multitude of wonders offered by this compact paradise will for sure delight travelers of all kinds and ages.

The crew of Phileas will be extremely happy to welcome you there for an unforgettable journey.